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Present On-Guard Clients wanting to view the training videos
Please use the “log in” form located on the top menu.  Contact support or your sales representative if you do not have a username and password.  If you are not logged in you will not be able to view the tutorials.

Resident Log-in and familiarization tutorial examples
Press the appropriate button to view tutorials designed to assist residents to view and edit their own data.  In this example we are showcasing the tutorials from On-Guard Version 5.1

View Log-In Tutorial

  View Familiarization Tutorial

View the iPad / iPhone Setup

Minimum System Requirements for using the Resident Login Feature
Please make sure you do not block cookies, do not use a pop-up blocker, java script must be turned on, and please note some virus checkers may causes issues. An ANSII standard browser is also recommended such as Google Chrome 80+, Microsoft Edge 44+, New Microsoft Edge 80+, and Safari 13 x minimum. Please click on the LINK below to view or download the WebDirect Requirements document.

Download WebDirect Requirements Document

 Resident’s updating their data issues reported
We have received a few reports of residents and even Administrators using FileMaker WebDirect are reporting that they input changes only to log back at a later time and find that the data was not there.   We believe that the main cause may be that the user does not log out using the red Exit button.  If the user does not exit properly the probability that his/her data will not be saved is very high.  Other causes are that the user is behind a firewall, JavaScript is turned off, using a pop-up blocker, a virus checker is blocking the data, or the ISP is blocking ports 80, 8080, or 443.  These ports are necessary to ensure the data has been posted to the account.  Clearing ones Cache for their computer and browser may alleviate the situation in many cases.

Resident Questionnaire
We are asked all the time about the questionnaire that the Residents should fill out so that the data can be loaded into the On-Guard system.  One of the most important pieces of information to be supplied by the resident is the PIN #. This identifies the resident to the Security Officer that he or she is actually talking to the resident. By clicking below you can download a copy of a suggested form in Word RTF format.

Download the Questionnaire in Word RTF format

Should I Upgrade to V5.1i?
If you want some of the new features available in V5.1i such as the ability to have your residents update their own data via the Internet, or using a magnetic card reader integrated keyboard to read driver license data then you should strongly consider the upgrade. Report capability has been improved.  The current production version is V5.1.

Bear in mind that you will also be running Windows 8 or 10. Additionally, you must be running FileMaker 16 or 17. Please use Contact to ask for the upgrade pricing if you do not have a Support Plan and are not on the Cloud based On-Guard version.

Do you support FileMaker 19?
Yes, we support FileMaker 19.  The good news is that FileMaker 19 supports WebDirect.  Instant Web Publishing, IWP, is now replaced by WebDirect.  This feature is only available if you are running On-Guard on a FileMaker Web Server. Presently Level100i is available to run on a FileMaker 16 or higher Web Server for a $330.00 set up fee and $99.00 per month fee.  No contract is required.  Other Server options are available but at a higher monthly price.

What kind of Computer/Printer do I need?
We support both Windows and Apple McIntosh computer operating systems.  Most of our clients choose a Windows-based computer together with a laser printer for passes and reports due to the expense and wide choice of computer brands.  We recommend a Windows 10 based inexpensive computer that has a large disk drive.  Our recommendation is 1Terrabyte.  Of course, you need a port for Ethernet connection for your high-speed internet.  Most customers spend about $400.00 + for the computer.  We also recommend a 20 – 22′ monitor.  They are available for less than $125.00 at any big box store.  Lastly, an inexpensive black and white laser printer such as manufactured by Brother or HP costing less than $250.00 is our recommendation.  We also support specialty printers such as label and plastic card printers for pool passes.  If you have any questions or want recommendations, please feel free to contact us!

Is it legal to scan a driver’s license?
The answer is it depends what your state laws are.  In Illinois, for instance, it is a 3rd-degree felony to scan a driver’s license.  In Florida, there is a statute that also prohibits scanning a driver’s license with a magnetic stripe reader or a barcode reader.  Fortunately, there is an extra cost option available that provides scanning a driver’s license data using OCR technology directly into On-Guard and is considered legal in Florida as the barcode or magnetic stripe is not scanned. The civil penalty in Florida for scanning using a non-OCR technology can be as high as $5,000.00 per instance.  Our recommendation if to check with your legal counsel before you purchase any scanning equipment that scans a visitor’s driver license.   The statute that covers scanning a driver’s license in Florida is Section 322.143, Florida Statutes.  We highly recommend that the community consult their legal counsel before purchasing and implementing  a driver’s license scanner policy.

Does On-Guard Support OCR driver’s license?
Yes, in version On-Guard V5.0 or greater using supports OCR scanning of any state’s driver license using FileMaker 16 or later.  This extra cost option at $400.00 per year per scanning device for unlimited driver license scans. This feature requires an Acuant Snapshell R3 scanner which is available from Acuant for $499.00 + tax and shipping.  Scanned driver’s license data is input directly into On–Guard.  Setup is free from the On-Guard staff.

Should we use a pre-printed form for passes of just go with plain paper?
If you use a pre-printed form for passes then it will save you money as you will use less ink in your laser printer. If you measure the cost of printer ink and paper by the page you will find that it will be less expensive to use a pre-printed form for your passes. Of course, your upfront costs are in printing enough inventory and storing the forms.  Most customers use different color paper for different days of the week.  Several of our communities also sell advertising on their passes to cover the cost of the paper and the ink.

Where Do I Begin?
In the On-Guard subdirectory there is a subdirectory named “Where Do I Begin.” Inside is a file named “WhereToBegin.txt.” By opening this TXT file, you should have a pretty good road map of the tasks to be performed.

As you are aware, you can always contact us for assistance!

File Location
All files that are associated with On-Guard are installed in the C:/Program Files/On-Guard subdirectory. There is a lot of information included in this subdirectory including an On-Guard Demo copy in which there is data already in it. By looking at the Demo file you can learn a lot about what you can do to make the On-Guard system work for your community.

Again, if you are having any difficulty, please call us for assistance during normal business hours.

Training Available
Training for security officers and administrators is available by appointment only.  The training is via Go-To-Meeting and requires a computer with high speed internet service, and a telephone.  Send an email to request a training slot. Training is held on Wednesday afternoons and all day on Saturday.

FileMaker Trial Software
If you have recently purchased On-Guard, you should be aware that you have 30 days to return the software and receive a refund. As such, a trial copy of FileMaker is included with your installation CD. If you wish to accept the On-Guard software before the trial version expires, please send us an e-mail and we will send you the fully registered version.

Once again, if you have any questions, please e-mail us or call for assistance.

Security Officers Accepting E-mail and/or Voice Mail
We receive a lot of questions on these points. Should the Security Officers accept E-Mail instructions or Voice Mail instructions? For E-mail, the answer is “Yes” if you have a dedicated E-mail address, the E-mail software and the software is set to automatically receive the E-mail, AND the Security Officer is aware of the E-mails that are incoming.

Regarding Voice Mail, the answer is also”Yes” if you have telephone hardware with a separate mailbox for the Security Officers AND they are trained to check to see if there is a Voice Mail or there is a notification on the telephone that a Voice Mail is present.

In both cases, the Resident must supply a PIN # to authenticate that the message is valid.