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On-Guard Versions

On-Guard comes in the following forms:

The Level 100 Versions, i.e, Level 100i and Level100+, are designed for those smaller gated communities /condominiums where only minimum features are needed. Simple to run and maintain. Designed to run the gatehouse on a single computer with full networking features. See the Features for details on functionality. Purchase through the Purchase.gateway.

The Basic Version and Basic Version+ are designed for smaller gated communities / condominiums where the additional functions found in the Pro Versions for the management of the security force is not needed.

The Pro Version+ and Pro Version are designed for larger gated communities where management of the security force is necessary or if the security force is the purchaser of the software.

It is highly recommended that purchasers of the Basic+ and Pro+ versions have high-speed internet available at the gatehouse to facilitate networking, backup and remote system support

The Online Version is designed for those communities whose gatehouse is already online with a high-speed internet connection. No software to maintain. Have the security of having your system secure and reachable from any internet connection. Data can be added or changed from any internet connection secured by username and password. Online versions can be reached through a regular internet web browser and does not require the purchase of FileMaker Pro. See the table below for pricing.

All training of gate personnel is done via join.me and is conducted twice per week. There is no charge for online training.

Pricing Matrix (All prices are in U.S. $ Dollars)

Product Name
Level 100i Available as Server based only – $130 month with a one-time $330 setup fee, Windows or iPad are supported. Runs on Server 19 only for one manned gate.  Extra gates, each, add $25.00/month. Resident update option, add $50.00/month Purchase, Features
$330.00 + $130.00 month
Level 100+ Standalone version – Windows or Apple versions Full Networking version – Runs on Server 19 only. Purchase, Features
Basic Compiled, Single Computer, Windows Only, Features
Basic + Includes 1 Copy of FileMaker Pro V19 – Full Networking, Resident Self Updating, See Features
Pro Compiled, Single Computer, See Features
Pro + Includes 1 Copy of FileMaker Pro V19 – Full Networking, Resident Self Updating, See Features
FileMaker Pro V20 Additional FileMaker Pro V19 stand-alone per copy
FileMaker Pro V20 Additional FileMaker Pro V19 used with On-Guard – Annual License
Keyboard-Mag Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Keyboard – not legal in Florida
DL R-2.2 Acuant Scanner Driver License Scanner – R-2.2 Acuant Scanner Includes $25 shipping + Tax
DL Scanning Service Annual charge per scanning device for unlimited Driver License Scanning – Requires FM 17 or higher – must be used with Acuant scanner ScanShell R2.2 not included.  This is a cloud-based service add-on for On-Guard V5i. A speedtest.net score of 24+ required.
FileMaker Server 19 FileMaker Server 19 – with 5 users – Annual License Includes Upgrades.  SSL Certificate is extra.  See Host cost below.
Managed Windows Server Managed Windows Server 2016 R2 with FileMaker Server 19 Installed including domain name and SSL certificate monthly rate.  You provide us the FileMaker License Key.  Per Month Charge.


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Options: (Extra cost  – Note * items not sold directly nor maintained by On-Guard)

  • Resident update option – $25.00/month with 5 service calls.  Extra calls a service charge of $7.00 each. Includes free listing.
  • Touch Screen. *
  • Extra server storage above 100Mb allowance is $2.00/month per 100Mb.
  • Magnetic card reader integrated keyboard. Please check to see if swiping the magnetic stripe is legal in your state.
  • Video Camera Capture. *
  • Specialty printers – mobile printers *
  • FileMaker Pro V19. (see above in description)
  • Annual Maintenance for upgrades available at 20% of the retail purchase price – annually. (included with Level 100i – cloud-based)
  • Daily off-site remote backup service – $150.00 annually. (included with Level 100i – cloud-based)
  • Remote site support service – $250.00 annually. (included with Level 100i – cloud-based)
  • Convert and Load Records – $1.00 per record
  • The hourly rate for custom programming = $150.00/hour.  Divided into 15-minute increments.

* Not sold or directly supported

** The On-Guard computer must be online at the gatehouse with high-speed internet access.  Only On-Guard versions greater than 4.0 that utilize FileMaker 18 or later and have a maintenance support agreement are eligible for this support.  Internet speed must be above a 24 score as rated by SpeedTest.net.