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Custom Resident Gateway Website Listing

Annual Cost is $150.00 includes the custom domain name and web hosting.

As a client using On-Guard, and optionally, you are allowing your residents to view and update their personal information that resides on the On-Guard visitor gate access management system, you can purchase a custom resident gateway website for $150.00/per year that includes your custom domain name and website hosting.

There are many benefits to purchasing your custom resident gateway website.  First of all, it’s low cost and the On-Guard staff maintains the website.  Second, it is attractive and fact filled leaving a good impression on your residents.  Third, it contains a log in gateway with relevant information helping them to successfully log in to On-Guard.  Fourth, the website contains a tutorial to assist your residents with tutorials in familiarization, a login tutorial, and a tutorial for setting up an IOS Apple device.

Be sure to visit the ltoasecurity.com example website.